World Scrabble Day-April 13th

one thing I love to playany time any dayis the game of scrabbleand all I wanna sayis that once you play a gamelife is not the same you will wanna playone game after anotherand not let it be to any one a bother life is full of funwhen scrabble is on the runwith players from… Continue reading World Scrabble Day-April 13th

World Water Day 22nd mar

World Water Day is observed annually across the globe on March 22 with the purpose of highlighting the importance of water and raising awareness about the water crisis that the world faces. According to the United Nations (UN) website, the main focus of the day is to “support the achievement of sustainable development goal (SDG)… Continue reading World Water Day 22nd mar

Simply six minutes….

Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 02/02/2021 As far as i know this is something nice have to write something within six minutes try and do it without christine here's my take on it.... A little cat by the dooris looking at me from afarwhat is it you want kitty deardo you wanna… Continue reading Simply six minutes….

Socs- magnet

Welcome to linda g hill's friday prompt Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “magnet.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy! Here's my take on it... When I see the word magnet I rememberourselves positive creatures attract positive peopleA magnet is something that has a powerful attractionLet us be positive magnets… Continue reading Socs- magnet


Welcome to Linda G Hill's Friday prompt  Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mini/maxi.” Use “mini” (the smallest of something) or “maxi” (the largest) or both in your post. Have fun! Here is my take on it.... When I think of the word 'mini' i think of the mini croissants filled… Continue reading Socs-‘Mini’