Sunday poser 108

Sadje's question this week is How important it is to you to answer comments on your blog posts? This is a lovely question. I am just five years old in blogosphereand I just love it when people comment on my blogs. There is thatpersonal touch and a feel good factor that comes along with it.I… Continue reading Sunday poser 108


To read or not to read….

Welcome to Fandango's provocative question In the days before the internet, before WordPress, before Facebook and Twitter and TikTok and YouTube and binge-watching on Netflix; in the days before having the world at you fingertips with newsfeeds on mobile phones, beforeโ€ฆwell you get my driftโ€ฆI used to devour between three and five books a week.… Continue reading To read or not to read….

Christmas breakfast-WDYS

Welcome to Sadje's weekly prompt- WDYS(what do you see) here's my take on it....enjoy reading... Christmas breakfast Its breakfast time at the Morrisons placeAll the children come face to faceThere's chocolate waffles and ice cream toofried eggs and veggies to name a few a hot cuppa teais for all to seeKris,Rhonda, Shawn and Tonyaall… Continue reading Christmas breakfast-WDYS