Fandango’s flash fiction


Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.Every week he posts a picture from the net


It’s snowing its snowing
let it snow let it snow
far in the midst of the snow
there is a cabin
where the lights are all aglow
now let us see what happens
when someone enters there
let us see what i have to share

Felicity a pretty young lass is walking with her lamp, tired from a long walk,
a little tired of walking in the snow
after visiting her grandma she sees a light coming from
a cabin and as she gets closer
what do you think she sees?
She watches through the window and is actually enjoying
the music
when suddenly the lights go off and from inside
comes a young handsome prince and sweeps Felicity off
her feet She is totally smitten by him He takes her in
his arms and starts a slow waltz with her, slow romantic
music just plays with the lights coming on just as
suddenly as it went off
She is so enthralled with him that she hardly noticed
how cold it was before she entered in
and then cold water splashed on her face
she realized she is in a dream her mother waking her up
to go to college.

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