Socs : Friday prompt- drive


Welcome to Linda G Hill’s Friday prompt Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “drive.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Here’s my take on it….happy reading….

When I think of the word drive…i think about it being
an inner quality that many people lack. It is drive that makes a person not accept the status quo. It is the drive that makes someone to not want to be mediocre. Drive is a quality that a few have. Many people are happily content with their position in life or within their company, which is just fine.

We all have that inner drive which we should awaken.
There are so many things in life we wanna do.
Let us get into that drive mode and go ahead and do it.
Life is a journey and there are so many things we want to
accomplish in life. We should push our inner drive….and get started….

Then there is a thing about the all so talked about word called ‘LOVE’


As we drive our car of life today
we should do our best come what may
to make this world a better place
for all to stay
All kinds make this world
so let’s ask the Lord
for us to adjust with all
and stand tall
in this journey of life
and enjoy it while we are here


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