What do you see? # 57 November 23, 2020


This is sadje’s prompt for the week….look at the picture above and write something about it….

Here is my take on it….

family with triplets

Roger and Renoshka just celebrated the first birthday of their cute and adorable
triplets, Belinda, Adam, and Cleantha. It took them ten years and they were both
craving for a kid, and when God blessed them he gave them three at one shot.
On this day their children turned one and they were so happy that their family
had been complete.

The adorable triplets

Roger and Renoshka
childhood friends turned lovers
and then they got married
and then as the saying goes
they lived happily ever after

they had their ups and downs
but we would never see them frown
living their life day by day
and accepting life come what may

Then their life was filled with happiness
as their triplets were born
and they welcomed them with joy and gladness
Belinda,Adam and Cleantha were kids full of love
and they were born with God’s blessings from above

Today as the kiddos turn one
May God bless them
and may they always shine like the sun


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