Life is so unpredictable…

Just a few days back my neighbour came and gave us stew…. We often used to
exchange food goodies. If she used to make something she would share with us
and if we would cook something we would share with them.
But a couple of days back she was complaining of a shoulder ache…she went
to the doc and got some medication
Yesterday morning her nephew comes in the morning and my gosh….he said that
she died in her sleep… What a shock it was for all of us
She was one hell of a nice person,never interfering with anyone,would do her
thing and that’s it, would remember everyone’s birthdays and all that.
For the past few months she used to come with us to go marketing….to buy
a few groceries and all
What I am trying to say
is this
Life is so unpredictable
you see a person on one day
the next day she is gone
Lord only you know what plans
you have for us
We know not your ways
I am feeling really bad for the family….First they lost their mother
and now their aunt came to live with them and she too passed away.
They are back to square one.
Those of you reading this say a little prayer for the family…so that
they may be able to bear this loss

Death comes in like a thief
We do not know when how or why
But we are all in grief
of the person who has gone by

We have to live our life
as if it is our last day
and be prepared
come what may

God bless the families
that have to bear the loss
of their loved ones
Lord you only know
your plans


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