Welcome to Linda G Hill’s Friday prompt….Today’s word is ‘Medium’…Use it anyways you like it… Hope you liked  my rendition of it…

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 10/2020


The pizza man at the pizzeria would ask me how would you like it ma’am?
Small,medium or large? Whenever I see the word medium…it reminds me of
I did not know that making pizzas was so damn easy…I used to order them
with different toppings and all that….

Now here’s a little snippet of the Dawson Family….

Jane,Johnny and Jasmine were three children of Tommy and Laura. They would
often order pizzas from the pizzeria…and each time they would order different
sizes. They started with a small one just for trial and then went on to the
medium size and since they were choosing at least two types they would often
choose the ‘medium’ size…

One day there was this latest pizza joint opened and Johhny and Jasmine went
on a double date with their friends and as usual they both opted for the
medium sized latest pizza and their friends really enjoyed it….

Their mother Laura bought an oven and started making pizzas and wow what
awesome ones she made…. She actually started a business of it…and named
her company….The pizza lovers family….

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