Life is ……a roller coaster

Just the other day there was a death of a friend...and yesterday a new born baby came into this cousin got a sweet little bundle of joya chubby bubbly baby boyLife is like a roller coasterso we can't live in it like a boasterwe never know when we will he high up thereor come… Continue reading Life is ……a roller coaster


World Food Day-Oct 16

  A little history about it... Food food foodwhere everything is goodindian, chinese, mexican,italian or american each has their own choicelet us all together in one voicelearn to appreciate all kinds of foodwhich make our palates taste good to all you foodies out theremake something of your liking todayjust to enjoy what you cookwhether… Continue reading World Food Day-Oct 16


Welcome to Linda G Hill's Friday prompt....Today's word is 'Medium'...Use it anyways you like it... Hope you liked  my rendition of it... pizza man at the pizzeria would ask me how would you like it ma'am?Small,medium or large? Whenever I see the word medium…it reminds me ofpizza….I did not know that making pizzas was so… Continue reading SOCS-Medium