Today is our heavenly mother’s birthday and so all I wanna say is let us take a page from her book and live accordingly and also pray for our earthly mothers and our families at large.


A Mother is an epitome of sacrifice
whether she is making chicken curry or rice
She looks after her kids from morning till night
does not get tired and works with all her might

God could not be present at all times
so he created moms to be with us
He blessed them with lots of love
to give to her children without any fuss

Let us pray for our mothers today
on this Our Lady’s birthday
that God may always keep them under His loving care
and know that He is always there

Of course now we have working mothers
and so even the other parent the fathers
help in the work to be done
and stay happily in the family as one

Our parents are God’s gift to us
which we should cherish
coz life is short
and we are here for a limited time
let us as a family be happy most of the while
and also give our precious smile

As children we should give respect to those around
and am sure it will give us happiness abound
and live life to the fullest and give our best
to make this world a brighter place
to give a smile to all we face


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