Fandango’s Provocative Question #29


Today’s provocative question is

“Do you agree with Thomas Jefferson that it doesn’t matter or hurt you if people believe in many gods, in one god, or no gods? Why or why not?

Fandango’s Provocative Question #29


I agree with Thomas Jefferson about believing in one or many Gods not the latter part
though. It is different people’s perception towards it.
Here in India we have a diverse set of cultures and different religions…but in the end what
it boils down to is that all of them teach us the same thing. We all believe that there is
someone out there who is looking out for us,there is a supernatural one who is omnipotent

Thomas Jefferson in the latter part of the sentence that “it doesn’t matter if people believe
in no Gods” now that is something I do not agree there has to be someone or something
that is there in this world that proves that there is a God. But I know there are atheists so
as I said the views and opinions of different people vary.
Talking about the presence of God is a very delicate topic and I do not want to hurt
anyone’s sentiments since we are free to have our own ways of believing in it

Well that is what I have to say your views might differ or be the same would like to hear
from you….in the comments section….



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