World Idli Day -30th march

Wishing you all my indian and all other blogger friends a Happy world idli day. This is one dish each and every one must taste.If you have not yet tasted it you are definitely missing something so go ahead and tease your tastebuds…. I  love making them as well as eating them



Idli is the most ordered food item in Bengaluru, followed by Mumbai and Chennai, finds a study by food delivery app Uber Eats.

Idli is often eaten for breakfast along with piping hot sambhar and a variety of chutneys.

Globally, San Francisco, London and New Jersey have been found to be the top idli ordering cities.

For the last three years, March 30 has been celebrated as World Idli Day. It is said to be the brainchild of Eniyavan, a popular idli-only caterer from Chennai.


M Eniyavan, the founder of Mallipoo Idly- a popular chain – ideated the concept of World Idli day, three years ago saying in an interview to the media, “The humble idli is the safest food for all ages – children to elderly. It struck me to celebrate 30 March as World Idli Day like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.”





Khao khao maja karo
garam garam idli kha ke
apna pet bharo
aaj hai idli khane ka din
sambhar ke saath
aur na bhulo chutney ke bin

Have fun and fill your stomach
with hot hot idlis
as today is the day to eat
them with sambhar not forgettingt chutney

So i would like your views and comments on those who have eaten this dish and those of you who have yet to eat it….let’s have a discussion….


12 thoughts on “World Idli Day -30th march

  1. Oh my gosh!! I had no idea it was national idli day!!! Idli is one of my favorites- I fell in love with it when i visited Chennai. I actually loved it so much my mom got me an idli maker for a wedding gift ❤ I adore Indian cuisine & have a special fondness for Idli! Thanks for sharing !!


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