Walking pilgrimage


My experience at the walking pilgrimage on 10th of march 2019

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning
is not usually my style….
but this was a special day
and I had on my lips a smile

A starry night…not a soul in sight
cool breeze…
Am on my feet ready to go…

This was the day where I made up my mind more to walk than to talk…

This is how it all started…Me and my friends were discussing
“Wouldn’t it be nice if we started the Lenten Season by going for a walking pilgrimage?” and then we all got cracking…

So on the early morn of 10th march we started our journey.
We left by bus at around 2.30 a.m. When we reached we were given a few instructions as to how to go about it.By around 4 a.m. we started our walk… We began with the Holy Rosary and then proceeded with the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Something I would like to say in a rhyme…
as to how I spent my time

The early morning walk

As we prepared ourselves for the day
what I mostly wanna say
is that we started off our Sunday
walking the way

Young and the not so young gathered here
ready to walk for the Lord, without fear

with the night full of stars
all of us walking as we are
left right left right
was quite a lovely sight

Morning came with its dew drops shining
people from different areas came pouring
Everyone had a fulfilling day
I am sure as they went their way

goa4    goa-1

At around six thirty we reached our destination It was packed to capacity… around twenty three thousand people from all parts of the state. We were greeted with a nice  piping hot cup of tea. I was really glad that there were like minded people who decided to join the walk and start off the Lenten Season in a prayerful way.
Then by seven a.m. we got ready for the Holy Mass which was con-celebrated by the Bishop and a line of other priests from the different parishes
All in all it was a great experience….I felt one with nature…in the dewy morning and the Sun pouring in(God’s creation at its best)



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