The Lyrical Challenge- Day 3

Today is the third day of my challenge nominated by sonali.…… u could view her posts… good writer!!


V amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi

Absolutely Everybody

Absolutely everybody,

Everybody needs a little loving,

Everybody needs somebody thinking of them.

Everybody needs a little respect,

And whatever it takes,

I’m gonna get it.


Everybody needs a hand to hold,

Someone to cling to

When the nights are getting cold.

I’m no different,

I am just the same,

A player in the game.


Absolutely everybody,

Everybody, everybody.

Absolutely everybody

In the whole wide world.

Absolutely everybody,

Every boy and every girl,

Absolutely everybody.


Everybody needs a human touch.

I can’t live without it,

It means too much to me.

Everybody needs one true friend,

Someone who’ll be there ‘til the very end.


And absolutely everybody breathes,

And everybody, everybody bleeds.

We’re no different,




something to pep up your day……

I thank sonali for nominating me for this challenge lets all make this world a better place….each one of us….

i nominate




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