The cockles of my heart



You warm the cockles of my heart

I was just going through some idioms and quotes and came up with this one and I was really fascinated to know more about it.

The cockles of the heart are its ventricles, named by some in Latin as “cochleae cordis”, from “cochlea” (snail), alluding to their shape. The saying means to warm and gratify one’s deepest feelings.


to warm the cockles of someone’s heart

  1. (idiomatic) To provide happiness, to bring a deeply-felt contentment


One of the meanings of “cockle” is the chamber of a kiln: in reference to the heart, it refers to the chambers, of which there are four (two atria and two ventricles). The heart has always been associated with emotions, especially love, excitement and fear, probably because when we feel a strong emotion we feel our heart thumping and beating faster. So when something “warms the cockles of our heart”, it is a reference to something pleasant that makes our heart beat faster and makes us feel good. It is probably also the origin of the saying that something gives us that “warm and fuzzy feeling”.

you warm the cockles of my heart

i hope we will never part

this is just the beginning….the start

of a new life with you


the feelings that overwhelm me

when i am with you i feel oh so good

it makes me think of tasty food


One thought on “The cockles of my heart

  1. Thankyou for the history and geography of the idiom, sis. I feel richer by ‘an idiom’ already 😂😂 that’s enough gyaan for one day I suppose.
    Tomorrow, a new Idiom. How about ‘Elvis has left the building’ ..yup that’s an Idiom. I’m sure we’d all want to know who Elvis is 😂😂 or did Elvis warm the cockles of your heart? 😂😂


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