World Music Day-21st june

For all you people out there who love to sing,play any musical instruments or simply love to hear good music ....happy world music day!!!! a brief history as to how this day came into being!!!!   The World Music Day celebrated on June 21 has become a worldwide phenomenon as countries across the world rejoice… Continue reading World Music Day-21st june


The Lyrical Challenge- Day 3

Today is the third day of my challenge nominated by sonali.…… u could view her posts… good writer!!   Vanessa Amorosi Absolutely Everybody Absolutely everybody, Everybody needs a little loving, Everybody needs somebody thinking of them. Everybody needs a little respect, And whatever it takes, I'm gonna get it.   Everybody needs a hand to… Continue reading The Lyrical Challenge- Day 3

Hello June

Goodbye May hello June You have come way too soon Five months of this year has passed so quickly so fast God bless the remaining seven months ahead Hope they will be in good stead Each hour each day each year May it bring a lot of cheer